The power of a hug for children. Parenting - Creating The Happy Dance.

 In A Warm Hug 


In a warm hug, love finds its way,
Parents and kids, come what may.
Through smiles and tears, we understand,
A love so deep, forever grand.
In every step, their support is clear,
In their love, there’s nothing to fear.
Side by side, through thick and thin,
Parents and children, a bond within.
This poem is by Karen Wagnon of


This poem is a beautiful description of the deep love and bond that exists between parents and children. It highlights the unbreakable connection that they share, which is filled with endless support, understanding, and comfort. The poem emphasizes the importance of this bond, which remains strong through all the ups and downs of life, and how it is a source of love and security that lasts forever.

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