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Keith K Wilhelm author of Parenting - Creating The Happy Dance.

My Story

I am a farm boy from Ohio. Married with three step-children. In 1974 I began my family life. As I walked down the church isle arm in arm with my wife, I heard a young girl say to my new wife, “Mom, are we done yet?” This day I became an instant family of five. My life would never be the same. 

I wrote this book because I want parents to have a way to raise loving children that I didn’t have. “PARENTING – Creating The Happy Dance,” is my answer to this drastically needed parenting problem.  

Keith K Wilhelm

Interviewing Jim Freman Ed.D.

Keith Wilhelm and Jim Freeman Ed. D. at Generations talking about our books. Parenting - Creating The Happy Dance. 

Jim Freeman, Ed.D. is on the left behind the computer, and Keith K Wilhelm, the author, is on the right. We are at Generations on one of our many book discussion days. 

Jim has retired from a successful career in education and has raised a large family along with foster children. 

With a doctorate in education, he focused on “Exploring the Potential Relationship Between the Worth-Teaching Index Score and Student Academic Achievement.”

Jim’s most prestigious accomplishment was starting a school to bring expelled students off the street and work with them until they could re-enter the classroom. 

Most of the students Jim worked with graduated with respectable grades. 

If I was beginning a family today Jim would be my personal parenting coach.

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