In A Warm Hug

 In A Warm Hug    In a warm hug, love finds its way, Parents and kids, come what may. Through smiles and tears, we understand, A love so deep, forever grand. In every step, their support is clear, In their love, there’s nothing to fear. Side by side,...

Why The Happy Dance?

 Let’s do a Happy Dance right now. Stand up and just dance.    If you did a quick Happy Dance, you are feeling great and more excited about reading on. Back in 1965, Hal David wrote a song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love.”...

The Inspiration!

It’s all about love, self-worth, and respect.     The inspiration for this book grew as I met with my good friend, Jim Freeman, Ed.D., as he was studying and researching for his Doctorate in Education.  We met every week for several years to discuss...