Want to raise funds and have fun doing it?


Workshops are currently available to people in the surrounding areas of Youngstown, Ohio, and North-Eastern PA.



At Parenting Happy Dance, I believe in making fundraising a joyful experience. My customizable workshop is designed to not only help you raise funds but also have a blast while doing it. With a perfect blend of fun and information. My workshop will leave you inspired and motivated.

Join me now, and let’s dance your way to success!


 What to expect:

Currently, I am providing a Two-hour workshop based on the book Parenting – Creating The Happy Dance.

This workshop is based on my current book, Parenting – Creating The Happy Dance. I teach my parenting views from the book as well as the thoughts and ideas I have learned from living life, studying personal development, and my own meditation practices.

When I first began raising children, I didn’t have a clue about what to do. My go to was simply love them and play with them when I had time. I left the rest up to my loving wife, Carol.

You don’t have to raise your family this way, and that is my goal in writing this book and providing these workshops, along with helping you raise funds for your group or organization.

Customizable content:

The Happy Dance Secret: includes trying out Happy Dances.

Interactive discussion from Chapters Two – Nine: Attendees divide into groups, read and discuss their chapter, and the spokesperson reports to the whole group for the purpose of discussion. Many possibilities and time lengths.

Presentation of Chapter Ten: It All Begins With You. Personal Development Sessions.

Meditation Time: This meditation has been developed to provide stress relief and create anchors that attendees can use to break out of stressed states in order to deal with children in a loving way versus flying off the handle.  Attendees will have access to the meditation for download and later use.


Get a personalized Stress Reduction Workshop

  1. Learn tools to reduce your stress.
  2. Create an anchor to snap you out of the funky zone and into empowerment with a smile.
  3. An empowerment meditation or even more powerful hypnosis.
  4. Take Gratitude Journaling to a new level with new tools.

Raising Funds for your group or organization.

Once we decide on a ticket price, you will promote the workshop to your group. We sell the tickets which include the price of the books. We then split the proceeds 50 – 50 minus any other expenses to be determined before promotion.

This method works extremely well because you already have loyal followers willing to support your cause.

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Other workshops I have presented: Relationship Workshops based on a best-selling book I’m not permitted to mention. These were a lot of fun and eye-opening. The workshop experience taught me a lot about presenting and my wife.

I also presented workshops on speaking and writing a book, and one of my favorites was the meditation workshop, which is part of my parenting program. We all need a big helping of stress relief.